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The passion for making videos started when he was more or less ten years old. Since then, he've been focusing on improving his skills every day, reaching 190k Followers on Instagram and 580k on Tik Tok. Born and raised in a small village in the north of Italy, he moved to Hong Kong in 2017 and this is where he transformed his passion into a business. His never-ending eagerness for creating content and an increasing need for eye-catching, short and impactful videos made me focus on producing high quality short videos and photos targeting social media. He is a strong believer in emotions generated by content and this is why the creative process has been exciting him like never before. His mission is to help others unlock their creative minds and transform passions into full-time happiness, like what happened with him.


OVERALL COURSE If you live in the 21st century like me you're probably aware that social media have become an incredibly powerful tool to build an audience and increase your revenue as a photographer. A few years back I didn’t really believe in social media but after receiving a few requests from friends who have seen my content online I decided to start studying in depth how to be seen online and how I could transform my passion into a profitable business. Fast forwards today with more than Half Million followers on TikTok, 118k+ on Instagram My full-time job has become what previously was only a passion. I'm definitely not the best photographer in the world but I do know how to exploit the potential of social media today. Posting content online without the right strategies and tools will just waste your time and energy. That's why I decided to create a course specifically designed for photographers that will help you understand how you can build an audience and start earning money doing what you love or increase your revenue if you own a business already. The coolest thing is that anyone can unlock the potential of social media because it really doesn't matter who you are and where you come from. In the first part we'll start from the very beginning to understand how social media work and how we can make sure to be on the right track to grow. Then We'll focus more on Instagram and all its main features before touching upon some advanced techniques that will help us grow on multiple platforms at the same time. While in the past, instagram and social media were just an opportunity, today they are the number one marketing tool for professionals working with photos and videos. And Thanks to revolutionary recent changes in the social media landscape, we're now in the right moment to start taking action and with this course you'll save a ton of hours and energy, especially at the beginning. Don't swim in this ocean alone but Let's lay the foundation of your online presence together. I'll see you on the other side. Who is this for? Photographers who want to build an online audience, start earning money doing what they love, expand their business or approach brands more effectively. This course is designed for photographers who don’t already have an established presence online and are not very familiar with Instagram and other platforms. Despite being designed for Instagram beginners, towards the end of the course you’ll be challenged with a few advanced lessons that will make you start thinking about long term strategies and powerful techniques to grow on multiple platforms.
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Customer Reviews

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Teresa Kirschner
Just: wow!

Everyone is talking about the fact that Instagram is important- but no one explains you how to REALLY work with Instagram as a photographer. Simone gives you hands-on advice which you can use right away - so helpful! I have waited for a course like this for a long time - cant recommend it enough, if you really want to start to grow your business today...

Madi Hooke
Very useful

This is just a great intro to world of social media for all photographers! Simone explains very simply and clearly, he gives examples and motivates you. I really liked the presentation of the course materials. Thank you so much for such a great experience!

great course

I very much appreciated simone's course, even though he acquired considerable competence when he was young. but what I most appreciated the simplicity in the exposition of things and the harsh reality of social networks and all the necessary steps to start making the most of social media for us photographers. nothing was left out, with excellent ideas. His vision is very young and for those of the old guard it can be an excellent food for thought, and to update. I sincerely hope that Simone will also make a second level by deepening some more difficult issues.

Simply fantastic

Simply the best, expecially considering the price. Short and usefull classes.

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